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  • Couples workshop FAQs

    Will we have to share our personal problems and issues with the group?

    No. The workshop does not include sharing problems or issues publicly. Couples Exercises are done privately.

    Must both partners attend or can I attend alone?

    Since the workshop involves couples doing exercises together, both partners must participate. If the workshop is offered over a period of time and one partner must miss a particular class meeting, then the other partner is encouraged to attend the lecture portion of the class. He or she may use the Couples Exercises time to do part of the exercise and then do the full exercise with their partner later. They may also use exercise time to read the Seven Principles book.

    My partner isn’t a reader. Can we still come to the class if he/she won’t read the book?

    Yes, still come to the workshop. While the book provides very valuable information, the class lectures will summarize the content of the book. Each person will need a Couples Guide, however, to do the Couples Exercices efficiently.

    Should we do the exercises in the book at home or save them for class?

    The class will involve doing some of the exercises from the book so doing them first at home would duplicate some of them. In some cases, the directions for doing the exercises in class have been revised and updated from those presented in the Seven Principles book. The Leaders also role-play/demonstrate how to – and how not to -jdo some of the exercises in order to help participants get the most out of each exercise. There are some exercises in the book that the class will not have time to do, and couples are encouraged to do them at home after that chapter has been covered in class.