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    Feeding Treatment for ARFID

    Any parent understands the struggle of feeding a problem eater. Mealtime struggles, protests, and arguments can stem from picky eating. This is not an unusual concern – but when children don’t outgrow developmentally appropriate selective eating, parents may have increasing concern for their child’s functioning, including their physical and social wellbeing. These children may meet criteria for Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder, also known as ARFID.

    Treatment for ARFID at Tandem involves a behavioural-based intervention for picky eating. There is a growing body of evidence that supports cognitive and behavioural approaches to restricted eating. Our treatment may include individual therapy and/or coaching parents through strategies to support their child in increasing their food repertoire. For children, we use an exposure-based approach to get your child taking bites and to decrease their discomfort with non-preferred foods. This is often applied along with parent coaching strategies to reduce accommodations for picky eating.

    Please note that prior to treatment, children must be cleared by their physician, meaning that there are no medical problems that are contributing to the selective eating. This approach is most appropriate for school-aged children who are experiencing selective eating dues to sensory aversion. Assessment for ARFID is recommended prior to commencing treatment; please contact us to learn more.

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