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    Individual Counselling for Children

    We provide support for children with a range of challenges including mental health concerns and working with children with a neurodivergent diagnosis, such as autism and ADHD.

    Our main priority is connecting with your child and we strive to engage your child in the therapeutic method that best matches their developmental level. We use evidence-based approaches with a warm and caring style to create a positive experience for your child. We aim to help your child feel understood and to develop the skills needed to get them on a path of wellness as well as helping them understand their working brain.

    We provide support in the following areas:

    • Emotional Reulgation
    • Anxiety
    • Social Learning
    • ADHD
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • Strengthening Executive Functioning Skills                         Photo by CIRA/.CA.
    How We Work: Virtual or In-Person Delivery

    Tandem Psychology offers virtual appointments through the use of ‘Jane’, a secure online platform, that allows you and your child to connect virtually to your therapist from the comfort of your own home. Online therapy provides a safe, practical, and convenient way for your child to connect with your therapist.

    For those desiring in-person therapy sessions, Tandem Psychology is located in the Inspire Centre for Learning: 8707 50 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta. 

    How We Work: Therapeutic Approach

    Our team pulls from a variety of therapeutic approaches, based on the goals and preferences of each child.  We believe in a strength-based and neurodiverse-affirming lens, supporting children’s belief in themselves and understanding of their working brain. We strive to use approaches that are evidence based and built on the latest research and clinical insights.

    Length of Therapy

    The number of treatment sessions required varies greatly from one individual to another, depending on presenting concerns, severity, and treatment goals. We work with you and your child to establish clear goals, aiming to foster resilience and confidence.

    Let's work together

    Because we believe that parents have a key role in supporting their child’s development and well-being, we include parents in the treatment as much as possible. For very young children, our service delivery model may involve working primarily with parents in a consultative role. We use an attachment-based framework to help deepen the parent-child bond and strengthen positive parenting approaches.