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  • Social ABCs

    The Social ABCs is a parent-mediated early intervention program developed for toddlers, aged 12-36 months, showing social-communication differences that may be traits of Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or have an Autism diagnosis. The Social ABCs is a unique program in that we use real-time coaching to support parents while they interact with their child. Parents learn a set of strategies for helping their toddler communicate and interact socially.

    This approach is an evidence-based naturalistic developmental intervention. Meaning the program is designed to be delivered in a child’s natural environment. We look for natural opportunities to develop skills, like when your child is playing, participating in family routines or engaging in hobbies they enjoy. Parents (or other primary caregivers) work with the trained Social ABCs coach using play-based activities and daily routines that the child finds most motivating. As your child’s primary caregiver, you are the expert.

    Together, you and your child, in this program will work towards goals like:

    • building communication skills
    • developing emotional regulation skills (both caregiver and child)
    • learning strategies to manage challenging behaviour
    • sharing positive emotion
    • learning strategies to encourage play
    • learning how to support social routines
    • learning strategies to practice caregiver self-care

    Social ABCs was designed in Canada and is informed by research. Since this approach is meant to occur in the child’s natural environment, playing with their parent(s), the intervention is delivered virtually. The program includes both group educational sessions as well as individual coaching sessions.

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