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    SPACE Treatment for Anxious Children

    Does your child struggle with anxiety? Does your child’s anxiety impact your family life? Then you may be interested in SPACE treatment.

    SPACE – Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions – was developed at the Yale Child Study Center. It is a parent-based intervention, meaning that parents will attend the sessions to learn the skills for supporting their child. Typically, children do not participate in the sessions.

    In SPACE treatment, we focus on helping parents learn new ways of supporting their child while reducing accommodations made for the child’s anxiety symptoms.

    For more information about SPACE treatment, visit Please reach out to Tandem to see if this approach is right for your family.

    A Virtual Parent Group

    – Who can attend: Parents of anxious children 5-12 years of age. Up to 2 caregivers per family may attend

    – Parents learn new ways of supporting their anxious child in building coping skills, confidence, and flexibility 

    -Includes: 8 weekly sessions, each 75 minutes in length

    -To optimize the interactive group experience, number of participating families is limited 

    -Portion of fees for psychology services may be covered by insurance, please contact your provider

    -To determine if SPACE treatment is appropriate for your family and for more information about cost and dates, please contact our team at Tandem Psychology

    To learn more about SPACE therapy here is a brief introduction:

    Watch a news segment introducing SPACE treatment to learn more about how it works and how this type of therapy can help families: